Sustainable innovation and circular business modelling

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👋 October 2021 Reodor held a webinar with guests from Ikea and the University of Oslo to present our methodology for sustainable innovation. Register below to receive the recording, the pdf presentation and three useful tools for sustainable innovation at scale. 👇

Sustainable innovation is both an historic responsibility to future generations and a huge business opportunity. With examples, methods and practical reasoning, this webinar addresses how you in practice can create a more sustainable business model for your business.

How can you succeed with sustainable business models?

Companies like Google, Airbnb and Tesla are not giants because they have products we love. Their ingenious business models are as much a part of their success as the products themselves. According to Accenture, sustainable innovation is a business opportunity worth 4.5 trillion dollars. 

Want to learn more about sustainable business model innovation?

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The webinar is perfect for those who:

  • Work with business and product development, innovation, design or management.
  • Believe companies can and should deliver a triple bottom line for people, profit and planet.
  • Want to learn how you can do this in a strategic, long term and profitable way.
  • Needs convincing argumentation for why your business should invest in and prioritize sustainable innovation.

You'll learn:

  • Underlying principles for sustainable innovation and how you can get started.
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Who lead the webinar?

Erlend is a partner, advisor or and business designer at Reodor. During the last decade, he has improved and created new services for Telenor, DNB, Nav and many other small and large companies in Norway. He is very passionate about sustainability and has through projects and research developed a methodology for sustainable innovation - that he now wants to share with you.

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